About the Author

Friends! Hello and welcome!

I’m Kristyn, and I’m a small business owner, a seminary student, and an unrelentingly curious storyteller.

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This blog exists at the intersections of spiritual formation, singleness, and mental health. My hope is that it is a safe place to dialogue, critique cultural narratives, and explore practices that lead us toward God’s heart for shalom.

Some potentially interesting things about me…

I’m an Enneagram 2w1 and highly relational, yet also the most classic definition of an internal processor as humanly possible. Nothing comes out of my mouth unless I’ve had a solid seven years to think about it first.

I have no shame about the size of my mug collection. You don’t need to know the size, just know I have no shame.

I’m a young professional in the Midwest with tattoos, piercings, and a love of dark lipstick and city living. I own a small communications firm and spend my days telling stories for justice-driven nonprofits, social enterprises, and fellow entrepreneurs.

As much as I enjoy my work, my heart is in spiritual formation and pastoral care. As I slowly work through my Masters of Divinity, much of my writing explores places of suffering and vulnerability, including my own genetic mental illness, experiences with trauma, and chronic physical pain.

I’m also a big fan of singleness and single people, and spend a lot of time deconstructing marriage-centric narratives and working to cast the vision for God’s heart for vibrant human relationships.

You are welcome here!

Let’s talk!

If you ever need a writer, or want to talk life stories or shared interests, don’t hesitate to reach out! Contact: kristyndenooyer@gmail.com

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