About Kristyn


Friends! Hello and welcome!

I’m Kristyn, and I’m all about loving people, listening well, and learning to live in rhythms of grace.


This blog serves the purpose of holding space for those of us who find ourselves in the messy middle of nuance and complexity in faith.  I love connecting with people, so feel free to comment or send me an email any time!

Some potentially interesting things about

  • Enneagram 2w1, highly relational, and yet also somehow an introvert.
  • Favorite inanimate objects include mugs, pens, and journals
  • Young professional living in the city with a soft spot for weekends spent on hiking trails

Things that fill up my heart big time: gathering around the piano to sing, table fellowship and hospitality, and conversations that teach me more of how to pursue justice and oneness in light of the Gospel.

Let’s talk!

If you ever need a writer, or want to talk life stories or shared interests, don’t hesitate to reach out! Contact: kristyndenooyer@gmail.com




{Photo credit to the wonderful Jessica Bradt}


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