Beautiful Living and the Single Girl



Do we doubt God’s character so much that we refuse to trust His sovereignty completely?

Really, do we?

Of course we don’t say that. Of course we’re waiting on His timing. Of course it will be worth the wait, and His ways are higher, and we have lots of years ahead of us and there’s no rush. Of course we’re absolutely not desperate. Of course we’re in love with Jesus and don’t need a man to complete us. Of course.

Of course.

We know all the answers by heart. We’ve heard every well-meaning cliche about this apparent state called singleness, and exactly how to reply.

But what if we started living like we believed our own responses?

What if we truly took every thought captive? What if our hearts didn’t wander so easily? And what if, instead of bringing the man who’s happened to catch our eye to the attention of our friends, we bring him before the throne of grace and willingly release him unless the tender voice of God confirms that Jesus can be loved more intimately and served more effectively by the two together than the two separately?

But what if we didn’t manipulate that in our own hearts?  What if we were fully resolved to love Jesus first and to walk away from what distracts us from Him?

Or, what if we stopped viewing singleness as the “required Jesus time” before marriage, upon the conclusion of which we nearly expect Sir Potential Future Husband to step in to fulfill our needs, but instead – instead! – we stepped back into the greater scheme in which we see the bigger picture of  a Jesus-centric existence,  in which Sir Potential Future Husband would lead us to closer intimacy in our already-existing relationship with Christ — not step in to take his place?

What if our purpose in singleness was not simply “preparing for marriage”, with all the value that lies in that, but in reality, “preparing for eternity”? What if marriage and earthly companionship were not the be-all, end-all goal of our single years, but simply another stepping stone in the sanctification journey, another opportunity to pursue holiness and give grace and follow the example of Christ in glorious-messy forgiveness and daily surrender?

What if we stopped waiting for life to start when we finally have our man, but jumped fully into the life we have in Christ, embracing our identities as cherished, beloved, beautiful, desired, protected, secure, and forgiven?

What if we rested in the character of our personal, Sovereign God, and occupied our hearts and minds in going about His purposes? What if we loved, served, gave, thought, studied, worked, traveled, matured and fully lived, out of the overflow of a heart truly satisfied in the presence of Christ?

Wouldn’t that make for beautiful living?


 “God is most glorified in us when we are most satisfied in Him.” (Piper)


Where are you in the singleness journey and what has Jesus taught you?

What encouragement do you have for those clinging to grace in order to live a Jesus-centric life?


2 thoughts on “Beautiful Living and the Single Girl

  1. rebeca January 16, 2016 / 10:12 am

    This is literally *inspired*… beautiful Krystin!


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